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Venue & Facility Catering / Bar Services

Venue Management Services can provide your venue/ facility with a range of hospitality solutions including catering, kiosk, cafe and bar operation services. We operate on several arrangements from ‘fee for service’ to revenue and profit share financial agreements.

Our Hospitality Solutions

We can provide "as required" catering services, or provide an in-house solution using existing kitchen facilities. We currently provide exclusive catering services to a wide range of civic venues including town halls, civic centres and event centres.


Our catering division has been designed to provide a quality value for money food and beverage service for local council and government arts and events based venues. Our catering menus are designed for the key target markets of arts and events venues, and our food philosophy revolves around supporting the communities in which we operate.  


Our menus demonstrate a commitment to support of locally and ethically grown and produced food and wine. Every supplier we work with is a leader in their field and demonstrate best practice in sustainability.

In-House Service or Management

We strive to create menus that provide a fresh, nourishing choice for a wide range of community, private or business events.


We can provide an in-house, on-site catering service:

  • Design tailored food and beverage menus across various menu styles and budget ranges

  • Personnel supply- chefs/kitchen hands/food and beverage service staff

  • All services provided from HACCAP controlled environments 


We can manage the in-house bar operations:

  • Provide liquor licence

  • Provide experienced ‘Responsible Service of Alcohol’ trained staff

  • Supply alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages 

Introducing- Harvest & Soul- Catering & Events
Does your venue require our hospitality catering solutions?

Harvest & Soul- Catering & Events is our specialist premium boutique catering service.

Harvest and Soul is committed to producing the highest quality cuisine created from locally sourced produce.

With over 20 years of experience in the catering and events sector, we not only know how to deliver to highest quality of food – we know how to design and manage your event for success.


The Top 3 Trends in Food for 2022

Food Presentation

People Eat with their


Fun fact- Food that looks great is perceived to taste better.

We like our food to not only taste great but be worthy of a Facebook or Instagram post!

Healthy is the way to go

Healthy food is no longer just a fad

In 2022 consumers will demand even more paddock to plate concepts. Healthy and wholesome food menu options is a must for any menu.

Sustainable produce

Environmentally Friendly and Ethically Sourced

The paddock to plate trend continues with more consumers demanding to know where their food comes from and how it is produced.

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