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Venue Management Services provides comprehensive venue management, marketing and operational solutions to local councils, government and private venue operators across Australia.

We offer our clients a complete holistic solution incorporating venue management, catering, event marketing and PR, venue programming, event design, exhibition and event organisation as well as content-driven solutions- all as a 'turn-key' solution and at a pre-determined cost.

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Local Councils and Governments have traditionally managed their own venues and facilities with varying degrees of success.


The venue management industry has primarily been created to assist municipal facilities that were either under-utilised or suffering from mismanagement.  Typically these facilities have been aquatic and sporting venues, arenas or stadiums.


However, in recent years local, state and federal governments have turned to private management companies to provide day-to-day management of their important arts and events-based civic venues to apply specialised successful business practices to the buildings' operations in order to maximise community engagement and maximise productivity.


In the case of these municipal bodies the conditions that often prompt consideration of an outsourced management strategy vary, but more often than not follow certain characteristics:

  • The inability of government to apply free-market entrepreneurial thinking to the operation of arts/events-based venues

  • The increasingly precarious financial position of many local councils and the need to make their civic venue assets achieve a return on investment

  • Financial losses caused by local economic problems

  • Intense competition from other local venues

  • Difficulties with managing a sales and marketing enterprise with rules that apply to governmental tax or ratepayer services

  • Onerous labour rates due to enterprise bargaining agreements and high overtime rates when operating a 24/7 highly-utilised venue

  • The demand for more venue utilisation and activity

  • The need to reinvest money into deteriorating venues

  • The need for experienced, professional direction for new and refurbished venues from planning to grand opening and day to day operations 

  • The desire for a new fresh start!

Advantages of Outsourcing
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Our Approach & Unique Value Solutions
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VMS is skilled in the ability to develop, manage and promote civic venues and facilities.  Our company's ability to identify, train and promote personnel to positions across its network of venues, solves the concerns of public facilities about locating appropriately trained and experienced personnel and management able to:

  • Assume responsibility for administering multi-million dollar venues

  • Deal with complicated personnel matters

  • Direct local and national sales and promotional efforts

  • Negotiate and work with venue suppliers

  • Book and promote  a diversified schedule of events

Our Experienced Team

Success is achieved through proven management methodologies, tailored marketing programs, effective venue programming and an experienced and dedicated team of industry professionals. VMS is the perfect partner to engage in managing your valuable civic venue asset.

VMS is driven by the following key success drivers:

  • Highly experienced & self-motivated personnel - we offer a "can do" approach

  • Up to date 'best in class' venue management methodology

  • Long-term & successful partner and supplier arrangements across Australia

  • Broad range of experience across a variety of small, medium and large (HUGE!) venues

  • Proven event delivery expertise, logistical & operational experience

  • Superior systems & controls including venue technology programs, financial management systems, planning, reporting and occupational/ work health & safety systems

  • Transparent, honest & open costing models - delivering clients the best value for money

How We Measure Success

The VMS approach is unique in that it incorporates the provision of complete venue management services with a foundation of a qualified and proven panel of suppliers with services and benefits to clients including:​

  • Complete venue management solutions

  • Extensive Australian venue operations experience

  • Development of specific venue tailored policies and procedures

  • Creation of venue operational plans

  • Development of venue-specific documentation- Inquiry and booking sheets/ Venue booking terms and conditions and hire contracts/ Venue hire & event proposals/ Venue & event evaluation forms

  • Superior planning processes, strategies and resources

  • Complete financial management of venue operations including advanced budgetary systems

  • Implementation and coordination of the venue booking system including custom built web-enabled IT management systems incorporating online diary calendar and event management portals for clients to have real-time information and access to their venues

  • Coordination, management and supply of a diverse range of consistently high standards of catering

  • Appointment of the VMS accredited panel of suppliers

 Event coordination/management and theatre production specialists:

  • Audio/ Visual suppliers

  • Event stylists

  • Commercial cleaners

  • Security personnel


Design, production and deployment of professional venue marketing materials:

  • Venue graphic image and branding

  • Venue-specific websites

  • Brochures and promotional fliers

  • Advertising artwork and copy for local and national press publications

Coordination of all venue client requirements - entertainment/event styling and theming.

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The Canterbury- Bankstown Council found VMS to be highly professional, responsive to the Council, community and business requirements and dedicated to the success of the venue. During the contract period, VMS either met or surpassed the key performance measurement requirements.  Venue utilisation, community engagement and visitation has risen year on year along with revenues from venue hire operations, catering and café operations.


Katherine Forman

Manager Leisure and Recreation,

Canterbury Bankstown Council

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Do you require unparalleled professional venue management, marketing or advice?
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