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Large Coastal Queensland Council

The Client's Requirements

This large Queensland council sought to enhance the utilisation of their premier community venues through programming events to engage the community, local businesses and to encourage use for private events. Financially, the council wanted to reduce their in-house costs of operating the venues by outsourcing to a dedicated venue management company and to establish revenue streams from commercial venue operations. 

The Challenges

The council, being large and consisting of multiple venues, had various pain points.


The challenges they were facing were:

  • Maximising the utilisation of their venues.

  • To have a consistent level of customer-focused service across all of their venues.

  • Offering a large range of events that would appeal to many members of their community.

  • Programming the venues to suit a diverse range of community, business and private event requirements. 

  • Ensuring Work Healthy and Safety compliance for public assembly venues.

The Solution

To overcome the various challenges, VMS:

Expert Management and Consulting

  • Provided holistic venue management expertise.

  • Created all venue operational and compliance manuals, documents and checklists.

  • Gave advice and consulting on new and more efficient software platforms while working on their existing venue management software. 

  • Formed relationships with venue stakeholders including the Council Executive branch, local Councillors and Mayor, past venue hirers, local community groups and local businesses.

  • Made certain there was a diverse variety of venue hire use, particularly between community organisations and businesses. 

  • Provided venue hire clients with high-level event management expertise in the execution of their event, conference or performance



  • Maximised sales and return on investment objectives through the creation and implementation of a sales process and system. 

  • Ensured business/financial sustainability and continuation for the Council to assume management following our consultation period.



  • Provided a professional, dedicated team of on-site personnel, including Venue Manager, Venue Coordinators, Administration Coordinators and cleaners.



  • Supplied contract cleaning services.

Final Results

Our consultancy period went for three years with this council. On the conclusion of this period, we ensured the council’s re-assuming of operations was a streamlined process. We handed back a fully functioning, operationally successful and viable venue, and provided a fully trained, locally engaged Venue Manager for each venue to continue the operation of the venues.

A full suite of venue operation documents was provided, including venue operational manuals, work health and safety manuals, staff induction and training manuals and venue operational and cleaning checklists.

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