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Venue Industry Consulting

Venue Management Services has extensive experience in consulting to local council, state and federal government and private venue owners in a range of disciplines across a variety of venue types including performing arts centres, civic centres, town halls, art galleries, wharf sheds, community venues and more.

Understand Your Target Market

Our project capabilities are built on years of experience in venue hospitality management operations as well as creative event design, coordination, management and production.


As actual on-site venue management is one of our core services, we see far too many venues built or refurbished without the actual needs of the target market being taken into consideration.  These venues swiftly become under-utilised, and there is an outcry from the community about the waste of rate or tax payer’s money.


Avoid the white elephant syndrome and call Venue Management Services to see how we can assist you to design the perfect venue with maximum utilisation and community satisfaction in mind.

VMS can provide "as required" catering services, or provide an in-house solution using existing kitchen facilities. VMS currently provides exclusive catering services to a wide range of civic venues including town halls, civic centres and event centres.​

You may find our consulting services beneficial if:

  • You are considering building a new venue or facility

  • Your current facility requires refurbishment or re-design

  • Your venues are under-utilised by the community and commercial sectors

  • Your venues are a cost burden on ratepayers & council resources or require a fresh approach to generate a return on investment

  • Your current venue/facility management structure is not producing results

  • You are considering outsourcing the management of your venue or facility

  • You would like to create a unique community event or festival, require tailored event management and production expertise

  • You need to ascertain the feasibility of investing in building or refurbishing a new community venue and the economic and intrinsic benefits it may bring to the community

Our Specialities Include

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  • New venue design review and advice

  • Venue refurbishment or upgrade works advice

  • Review of venue facilities and ‘civic’ characteristics and recommendations for amendments

  • Review venue design and equipment including cost-benefit analysis

  • Review of venue technological and equipment requirements and provide recommendations

  • Project management and planning solutions

  • Coordination of build or refurbishment timelines and sub-contractors

  • Management of project teams/ steering groups

  • Community stakeholder relations management

New or Refurbished Venues
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  • Review and analysis of the venues target market

  • Market research

  • Client interviews and satisfaction surveys

  • Venue programming and utilisation reviews

  • Venue communications and public relations strategies and implementation

  • Social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites

  • Design & implement a strategic end to end marketing strategy tailored to your venue & community

  • Program planning and management including trend analysis, venue ‘visibility’ in the community and cultural impacts

  • Occupational Health and Safety polices

  • Environmental management policy

  • Customer service policies and procedures

  • Human resources policy

  • Vendor procurement policy

  • Marketing policy

  • Financial policies

  • Security policies

Policy Development & Implementation
  • Financial analysis of past, current and projected returns – a tailored plan for ‘internal rate of return’

  • Financial comparisons of various venue management models

  • Cost competitiveness studies

  • Overall financial modelling and long-term feasibility analysis

  • Review and expansion of revenue streams to venue owner/ operator

Financial Consulting
  • Review operations procedures

  • Development of effective venue management plans

  • Analysis of current facility management policies/ recommendations for improvements

  • Business and Marketing plan development

  • Strategies for new and improved business and revenue development

  • Development of venue-specific policies, procedures and ‘core values’

  • Sub-contractor and vendor review and analysis

  • Staff allocation reviews

  • Organisational ‘health’ checks

Venue Operations
VMS can recommend 'Venue Industry Consulting' for venue related consulting requirements
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