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Community Engagement Programs

VMS understands the importance of community venues in reflecting the distinctive culture of the local citizens. Our extensive experience both in rural and metropolitan communities has allowed us to understand that local civic venues require different cultural programmes to ensure each community’s vision is realised.

Enhance Community Engagement

It is vital that civic venues and facilities are a critical hub of community activity and VMS has established a division qualified in the creation and implementation of programmes, activities and events designed to engage, involve and connect communities.


These programmes have been proven to revitalise local community talent and add a morale-boost as well as an increased financial return on investment to the region.

Concepts include:

  • Concerts

  • Musical and Theatrical Shows / Plays

  • "After Work" drinks shows

  • Customised community events

  • Community markets

  • Art and Craft Fetes

  • Charity Fundraisers​

Do you want to maximise your community engagement?
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